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I have vivid memories as a little girl sitting under my father’s drafting table, snuggled in between piles of wallpaper sample books, color pallets and carpet swatches.  The colors and endless collections mesmerized me.  My father’s interior design business was classic, clean and organized.  Creating a home that is beautiful and welcoming are principals that were embedded into me at an early age and have remained with me throughout my life. The world I design in, is vastly different from his but our desire to create beauty out of the ordinary remains the same. My design eye came from my father but my urge to build and create on my own is where Jon comes into play...

My husband Jon and I started our lives working together and 20 years later we are still at it.  Jon is incredibly handy, which comes from his love and dedication to maintaining and renovating our 114 year old Adirondack Camp. With such a remote location, if it needed to get done, he would have to learn how. Over the years, he has learned it all! I have watched and learned so much from him. Having Jon's endless fleet of tools at my finger tips made it easy to experiment and get comfortable using. He taught me how to be safe and not to be afraid. So now every time I carve a piece of wood, knock down a wall or build a custom built in, Jon is always there rooting me on.  If I did not have that encouragement and freedom, I would have never experimented and learned what I know and practice today.  Our talents blend seamlessly allowing us to create businesses, beautiful living spaces and an incredible family.  He remains the one design

element I will incorporate forever.


Jon and I have three amazing young children. So life is busy to say the least.  Raising children can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining… I needed something to keep me sane.  For me, skipping laundry for a few days and completing a bathroom overhaul or other spontaneous projects was exactly what my spirit needed to get me through those early years. The reward of doing projects on your own while the babies napped was a feeling unlike no other.  As the years went on my personal training clientele grew and so did my never ending DIY projects.

    What feels like a lifetime ago... I found myself driving from Connecticut to Southern California to begin my career in personal training. Since then, I have been blessed with an incredible business because of my amazing clients.  They have let me into their homes and lives.  The one constant topic during our crunches was not nutrition or fitness but interior design. I would share my wild videos and pictures of my latest projects and they would be amazed at the outrageous things I could accomplish in just a few days.  Those videos and conversations turned into small jobs which turned into larger jobs.  Before I knew it, Green and Grain Style was created.  I’m so thankful for my clients who saw my passion and took a risk and gave me the opportunity to style and design projects for their homes.


Without question, design is in my blood. I'm excited for this chapter that has begun so organically.  There is a force that is bigger than myself driving me to do this... I pride myself in giving my clients the best experience.  I look forward to improving the quality of your mood and life through my vision, art and possibly a plant or two!

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